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Let your senses be soothed by the ambiance of our Wellness & Spa

Whenever your idea of spa travel means a long soak in the bath or escaping to a luxury spa destination, V-Senses Wellness & Spa is your best choice in healthy living and renewal.

For those who would rather relax and pamper themselves, please stop by the Beauty Salon to make a reservation for a body or foot massage, body treatments, facials, manicures, pedicures, exfoliations, waxing or simply relax inside our sauna and steam baths.

“Various methods, outstanding organic products and a delightful experience give
V-Senses Wellness & Spa its reputation for excellence.”

Ivy SevillaSpa Director

Wholesome products take you on a perfect spa journey

Experience the wellness benefits of botanically based luxury skincare with our extensive range of skin, body, and beauty products. At Kerstin Florian, we are dedicated to bringing the benefits of natural ingredients to skin care. In fact, Kerstin herself made her first facial masque from fresh raspberries – and enhancing them with the best of clean science and technology to provide visible, lasting results and luxurious spa experiences. Today, her line blends the best nature with advanced technology to craft the best natural skin care products, from advanced vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serums to the best anti-wrinkle creams. A simple daily regimen of our wellness-based products tailored to your specific skin type and lifestyle will help you achieve your healthiest-looking, most radiant skin from head to toe.

Deep Nature have been aiming at excellence for wellness in the world’s most exclusive places since 2004, performing their magic in prestigious hotel complexes such as Raffles, Intercontinental, Barrière and Starwood, but also at unique places such as The Brando hotel on the Tetiaroa atoll off the coast of Tahiti, a holiday resort away from all tourist-even high-end-tours. Whether in Polynesia, on the summits of the Alps or at prestigious city hotels, Deep Nature develop made-to-measure treatments and unfailing expertise. All Deep Nature’s efforts are focused on our core competency, namely recruiting, and training ever-more-proficient teams, who learn their trade at the group’s centres around the world, with mobility and constant respect for quality.

Embracing a sense of nurturing, the holistic wellbeing and inner beauty. Connecting the nature-inspired philosophy with innovative technology, Skin Rituals offers the basic care, 4 customised solutions, and the precious organic
LISTEN to your body and your mind – they are seeking your attention and will lead you to absolute well-being in the most natural way.
BREATHE in the captivating fragrances; close your eyes and let yourself drift away.
TOUCH the divinely smooth textures that caress and pamper your skin, introducing it to unique new sensations.
LOOK at your skin, it is transformed with a radiant beauty.
Experience a TASTE of pleasure with this new revelation as everyone of your senses discovers the extraordinary powers of essential oils so that your skin simply glows.

Unrevealing surprises and delights, we offer a wide range of services for you to refresh, relax, rejuvenate or re-energise.

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103 - 105 Vo Nguyen Giap Street,
Khue My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District,
Danang City, Vietnam

T: 84-236-3847 888 Ext 16